What does BNI mean to you? Here are comments and testimonials from our members.

This is my BNI Story - Shelley Sykes, Keystone Escrow

This is the story of how I joined BNI with no knowledge of who or what it was and throwing faith to the wind in hopes of expanding my business embarked on this networking adventure. Now, I have my own marketing network of friends and amazing colleges.

More than two years ago, I left my salary paid position with a title company to become an independent Escrow closer. I felt that I needed to be doing something more for my clients and my family. I decided to make a major change in how I ran my life and my business.

I had attended a couple of Le Tip meetings years before, but had felt uninspired. However, I was given the opportunity to finish out a membership of another Keystone closer. I decided to join at the end of my fill in term. I decided that I wanted to grow with a chapter from the ground up. For me, I can not refer business to someone unless I have a personal relationship with that person, a friendship as it were. Today, I am the treasurer of our group working to make it grow.

It took me awhile to buy into the BNI philosophy, but eventually I did. Under our first president, the chapter experienced growing pains. For every member that joined, one would leave. It was a rough year to say the least. Under our new president, we weeded out the non-performing members, changed venues, and revamped how the meetings were run. We have been promoting growth on a monthly basis. Encouraging members to bring guest each week. Our numbers have increased by almost 10 already this year. It's been and amazing year to date. I continue to push myself to do one to ones to continue my relationships with my marketing team and build new friendships. After all, it's easier to refer a friend than a stranger.
~Shelley Sykes, Kirkland
Joining the Eastside Referral networking group was the best move I could have made for my business from a marketing perspective. During the last few years I've been a member, I've made critical business contacts and lasting friendships.
~Dionne Gordon, Bellevue/Redmond WA