Supersize Your Networking: Article Link

Business networking and building your web presenceNetworking is time consuming, some events and meetings will produce more results than others. Part of your success at a business meeting or networking event is how you prepare, what you have to offer, what you expect to offer, and take away.

I came across this article by Elilzabeth Kraus and thought there were some useful ideas for making sure you’re effective.  A couple of my favorites support your online visibility…! She makes it a point to mention people she meets on her social networks which is a fantastic idea.

The article also reminds us about creating reciprocal links to a business that you feel good about promoting as a resource. These are two great ways to create good SEO for people you meet and create some karma that can help your SEO in return.

And who doesn’t want to boost their SEO?

Read: 6 Ways To Supersize Your Networking ROI by Elizabeth Kraus

She has a great blog too at 365 Days of Marketing.

What’s your best event connection story?