Dr Jason Ablett

Chiropractor, Kirkland, WAI graduated Doctor of Chiropractic from Los Angeles college of Chiropractic in April 2000 one of the four top science based chiropractic colleges. Upon graduation I was hired by Dr. Michael Roback a Beverley Hills Orthopedic Surgeon specializing in disability evaluation and management. In this capacity I was exposed to four separate medical disciplines including family medicine, physical medicine, anesthesiology,  and of course orthopedics. Dr. Roback was the head of the Industrial Medical Council the overseeing body for workers’ compensation in the state of California.  My mentor Dr. Paul Delaney, PhD, DC was also hired by Dr. Roback and was instrumental in my being hired there.  It was under Dr. Delaney that I learned disability ratings as set forth by California law.



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Kirkland, WA 98034

I later was hired by Dr. Philip A. Sobol, MD a Pasadena Orthopedic Surgeon who headed one of the largest orthopedic surgical practices in the field of Worker’s Compensation.  I was both a treating physician treating pre- and post-operative patients as well as a case manager working directly with medical physicians coordinating patient care and presenting medical cases to each sub-specialty as indicated by the case.

My expertise since graduation is on musculoskeletal injury leading to altered body mechanics (biomechanics).  I have a passion for myofascial injury ant treatment using Myofascial Release, Graston, Joint Mobilization, Stretching, Active Release, Traction, Strengthening and Conditioning as well as Functional Rehabilitation including Gait Training, Proprioceptive Retraining and restoring normal movement patterns.