Memory Hooks – 7 Second Marketing by Ivan Misner
How to use Memory Hooks to make you instantly stand out in a crowd.

Web link to
Still need help…? Go to this website, enter your keywords and the site generates a catchy tagline that may work for you.

Mini Business Plan
How many Sales Manager Moments should be dedicated to a certain aspect of your business?

One-to-One Planner sheets (7 pages)
The GAINS worksheet: use this outline as a place to start when getting to know your One-to-One partner. Finding out more about the other person will begin a discussion that may lead you to referrals of a lifetime!

One-to-One Questions
Use these questions to get the conversation started with a potential referral source. The more you know about them, and the more they know about you, the more referrals are passed that result in closed business

One-to-One Schedule
Be sure to schedule a One-to-One with each of your chapter members! It is recommended that you conduct a minimum of one per week.

Member BIO form
BIO Form: make sure you fill this out and bring with you on the day that you’re presenting. You can also complete this form on the website in your profile.

Commercials: 5 Aspects of the Sales Manager Moment
Develop a five-week plan for educating your referral sources on the different aspects of your business.

Commercial-Anatomy of your Commercial/What to Say
COMMERCIAL: Anatomy of a 60 second commercial. This gives you some ideas on what to say for your commercial.

COMMERCIAL: a template for writing  your commercial within 30-60 seconds.

CONTACT SPHERES WORKSHEET : Click on the link to open the form.

Know, Like, & Trust
Since we do business with people whom we know, like, and trust, wouldn’t it make sense that we contact those people whom we know, like, and trust for a referral?

Inviting Mindset
Here are some key phrases to use when inviting someone to be a part of your network.

NETWORK OF 90: An excel worksheet,   From Michael Port author of “Book Yourself Solid” Click on the link to open the form.

Referral Tracking Sheet
Ever wonder where your referrals consistently come from? Are you getting the referrals you want out of the relationships that you are building in your BNI network? By tracking your referrals, you’ll know where to begin spending your time fostering relationships.

Personal Prospect List
Take a look at BNI categories and see who you know in the business that you could invite to a chapter meeting.